Sleeping After Hair Transplant

Sleeping After Hair Transplant
Sleeping After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant, the patient may have difficulty getting enough sleep because of the position he has to sleep in because after the operation, the grafts and the skin is still sensitive and the patient will be worried about touching the grafts or rub them with the pillow or the bed, so he will be careful and it will influence his sleep.
The Doctor explains the instructions to be followed after a hair transplant to the patient, including the sleeping position.
The best position for sleeping after a hair transplant is the semi-sitting position at 45 degrees, using the pillows in the sides to help rest well and avoid turning to the side while sleeping.
In Doctor Olcay Saygin’s Zen Hair Clinic, the doctor gives some instructions to follow before and after the operation with the follow-up of a medical assistant who acts as an intermediary between the doctor and the patient. This medical assistant has the role of follow the patient and give him advice and explain each step.
Our medical assistants have a telephone open 24 hours a day, and ready to help and respond at any time, each patient has his own medical assistant according to his language.
A list of instructions is sent by the medical assistant before the patient arrives two weeks, with an explanation and advice.
As soon as the patient arrives, the same assistant welcomes the patient in the hotel and brings him back to the clinic on the day of the operation, and accompanies him throughout the procedure and answers all his concerns.
After the operation, the assistant gives the drugs and shampoo and lotion to use after the operation and explains to the patient how to use the drugs and how to wash the head, and sends everything to be explained verbally in PDF on whatsapp and follow up on each stage of the patient’s healing, reminding him of his first day of washing his head, and the day of removing the scabs by asking for photos after each stage for the Doctor’s consultation.
Sleeping on the sides or on the stomach after a hair transplant in the first week is very dangerous for the grafts and also for the risk of having swelling.
sleeping on the sides can cause two side effects
-Touching the implanted grafts and damage them, and this can happen while sleeping, rubbing the grafts by the pillow or the bed, and unfortunately, the grafts will be damage and the damaged grafts are dead, can not be implanted, and we can t implant new grafts in this place.
– having swellings in the face, it does not cause a risk for the patient, but it must be avoided. When sleeping on the stomach or on the sides, the liquid used during the operation to inflate the skin of the head, must not come towards the face, in the first 3 days.
To explain well, the patient during the first three days must not put his head down, nor sleep face down, nor on the sides, to avoid running the liquid used during the operation towards the face, it is this liquid which causes the swelling.
So you have to pay attention to the instructions given by the doctor and be patient in the healing period which takes 10 days.
why after 10 days, the patient will resume his normal life?
because during the 9 days, the scabs are not removed yet, on day 9, the patient must remove the scabs and there, after consulting the doctor, he can start putting hats or caps on his head, and even start drinking alcohol and doing everything that was forbidden except: swimming in the pool or the beach, or playing sports, or even going to the sauna, all of this the patient can start doing after one month of the operation.
in short, the first days after the operations are not the most restful, and the patient must be careful even while sleeping, so the semi-sitting position with pillows in the sides helps the patient a lot to avoid risks, after the first 3 days, the patient to lie down but always just on the back by putting pillows in the sides, and this position must last nine days.
after removing the scabs, the patient will return to normal sleep without worry.
A successful hair transplant operation is not just thanks to a good doctor, it is also thanks to the good follow-up of the instructions given by the doctor. So you have to be careful the first 10 days, and follow all the instructions and advice of the Doctor to have a good result afterward.
Apart from how to sleep, the patient must take his medication with the right method and also hair washing as well as stop alcohol and coffee 5 days after the operations, do not shave his head with any machine after the hair transplant, the patient must only use the scissors until the final result, which can take seven months for the forehead and the middle and a year for the crown area.
Hair transplantation is a difficult and meticulous operation, which takes 5 hours to 8 hours, it is a long operation where the patient remains awake all this time under local anesthesia, and even if its healing time is just 10 days, but sleeping in a semi-sitting position and on your back is difficult, but hair transplantation remains the perfect solution for the problem of baldness, it is a solution with a permanent and effective result.
Like any surgical operation, the healing time is always difficult and can have side effects, but what is good about hair transplantation is that the side effects are not numerous and with a very low percentage of swelling and damage to the hair. grafts returns to the patient effort after the operation.
In Dr. Olcay Saygin’s Zen Hair clinic, the doctor and the assistant do their best to help the patient with advice and the right follow-up to facilitate the healing time and also the process of the operation.

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