Does the FUE technique “leave a scar after hair transplant surgery?

Introduction – -With the old hair transplant technique (FUT), surgeons left a visible scar after wound stitching -A long time ago, this visible scar was a serious problem for any bald man’s dream of having a hair transplant surgery. -The only reason is not because of its pain or long hours of stay lying on… Continue reading Does the FUE ...
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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

People talk about the main reasons behind hair loss just like (Genetic factors- hormonal dysfunction- bad diet and bad daily habits etc) But, they are not aware that “Dandruff” is one of these reasons. So in this blog we are going to talk about dandruff and its relationship to hair loss. What is Dandruff ? … Continue reading Does Dandruff Cause ...
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How do you Book an Appointment For Hair Transplant Before Coming To Turkey

In the present time, many people try to come to Turkey to get their hair transplant surgery done. In the last 10 years, Turkey became the number one choice for those who want to do hair transplantation. The reason is that hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide the best results with suitable prices as well.… Continue reading How do you ...
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How long does it take for hair growth after a hair transplant surgery?

Few days after the hair transplant surgery, patients start to wonder. When will our implanted hair start to grow? or how many months will be needed to see final results? Many patients panic or feel scared when they do not see any hair growth in the first three weeks after their hair transplant surgery. Also,… Continue reading How long does ...
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Using Body Hair In Hair Transplants

Most of hair transplant doctors do not recommend to use body hair for this procedure. The main reason is that the body hair does not remain for a long time after transplantation and also for its weak nature which is different from the nature of the donor’s hair. But in some cases, doctors are forced… Continue reading Using Body Hair ...
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What are the side effects of the hair transplant surgery?

Each bald man dreams to restore his youth and old hair by getting a hair transplant surgery done, but some of them being scared from its side effects. However, the most talks that people hear are just rumors. The fact is that most of these rumors are wrong and issued by ordinary people not doctors… Continue reading What are the ...
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