How to choose the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

If you’re one of the millions who searches on the Internet in order to find the most suitable hair transplant centers which offer good prices and quality work. You should read this article to find out. Recently, the hair transplant surgery has become very famous all over the world, due to its successful outcome and… Continue reading How to choose ...
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The Different types of Hair Implantation Techniques.

As technology continues to advance, medical engineers are developing sophisticated techniques, tools and devices in the hair transplant industry to improve the old existing hair transplant techniques and tools and to adopt a new scientific approach to make hair transplant easier, safer and time-saving for the medical team and comfortability of the patients during and… Continue reading The Different types ...
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Psychological tension and its relation to hair loss

Undoubtedly, anxiety and tension in general leads to many health problems that are negatively reflected on the human body and can create a huge impact on academic achievement, loss of ability to focus, and a sense of fatigue. But according to a new research carried out by some scientists at the University of California reveals… Continue reading Psychological tension and ...
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Zen Hair Dr. Olcay Saygin – Hair transplant & Esthetic Center.

It is known that many people suffer from hair loss or other calvities, which is among the main complaints of today affecting the social life and psychological condition of men and women significantly. With the developing technology, those who suffer from hair loss problems can regain their old hair and lost self-confidence through painless and… Continue reading Zen Hair Dr. ...
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Why should I use hair supplements after undergoing hair transplantation?

Many people think once hair transplantation is done, the Implanted hair will grow by itself. Unfortunately, that is a wrong thinking. The Hair transplantation surgery is just half the way to get an attractive and stylish look again.  In most hair transplant clinics around the world, they give you some medications and after-care supplements needed… Continue reading Why should I ...
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Does the Hair Transplantation Results remain for life?

If you are a hair transplant surgeon, the first question you will be asked by the patient is “Is my hair transplant going to be permanent?” Mostly all hair transplant surgeons around the world have been asked the same question which has a simple answer:- “yes your results will be permanent”. In general, after three… Continue reading Does the Hair ...
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